Managing Director, Nicholas Wicks was born and bred in Sudbury. Nicholas founded Badger Fuels to meet the demand of the modern oil user relying on over thirty years experience in keeping homes warm in the North Essex and Suffolk areas.

Badger Fuels is a heating oil specialist in supplying heating oil. We offer two main services; our Emergency Service (heating oil), for homes & businesses that have run out of heating oil or just getting low and need a quick delivery but their normal supplier cannot help and our Bespoke Service (heating oil) for homes & businesses that have difficult access or may have been refused a delivery by their normal supplier or homes & businesses that just want the more personal, reliable service. We have several elderly customers, along with busy professional people and businesses who need that little bit more from their oil supplier.

Most Heating Oil users will know Oil Companies will usually only supply a minimum of 500 litres. Badger Fuels can offer you smaller deliveries from a minimum of 100 litres to a maximum of 600 litres for heating oil.

Our Emergency Service covers East Anglia and for heating oil users we usually offer 200 litres to get you warm. We can also restart boilers should it be needed (at extra cost).

Our Bespoke Service is currently ONLY available to homes around Ipswich.

We are a fully Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils (RDCO)

We are fully Industry Insured.

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