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Heating Oil Delivery Badger Fuels
Heating Oil Delivery Badger Fuels
Heating Oil Delivery Badger Fuels

What Our Clients Say

Excellent service; friendly faces; always prompt and always go the extra mile. Couldn’t recommend more!! xx
BBC Drama Film Crew
Fabulous service ! The rural 4th emergency service !
Mr W – Ipswich
Amazing service – efficient, quick, and problem-solving! Would highly recommend.
Jane, Norwich
Great outfit – reliable and thoroughly professional: recommend highly!
Paul, Ipswich
On behalf of Babergh District Council, I wish to say a huge thank you for the delivery of heating oil at short notice to our sheltered housing site in Holbrook.
Your swift action has enabled us to ensure that our residents have only had to spend the minimum possible time without their central heating. I will certainly use Badger Fuels again if a similar event occurs.
Many thanks.
Mr T – Babergh

Unfortunately my oil meter reading was showing a false reading and although I believed that I had sufficient oil, sadly this was not the case and I was therefore unexpectedly left without hot water or any means to heat my home.

One call to Badger Fuels and that was all it required to arrange for a delivery of oil within hours (and not the days that all other fuel providers were suggesting).

Although I would not recommend running out of oil (for whatever reason ) I would certainly recommend turning to Badger fuels in your hour of need.

T M Rowe, Brockford, Stowmarket

Just a quick word of thanks to Zsa Zsa and Nick of Badger Fuels for the professional and friendly service they provided. We needed to empty our oil tank in readiness for it’s disposal. The job was carried out promptly without spillage and the account settled (for the amount of oil removed) immediately. I have no hesitation in recommending – thank you.

Mr S, Holbrook
Thanks for delivering so quick very helpful
Row, Ipswich
This extremely cold weather left me with too little oil to last until our booked delivery. Badger Fuels were able to deliver the day after my phone call to them, despite dreadful snowy conditions, and I’m sure a huge number of calls from people in a similar position to me. I cannot thank you enough, and would recommend your reliable and invaluable service wholeheartedly.
Mrs L – Suffolk
Fabulous! Only company that could help me with a same day emergency delivery without charging an absolute fortune. Super friendly, fast and efficient. Will definitely use again.
Victoria, Suffolk
Suddenly it turned cold, I needed some oil desperately and as usual I’d not keep an eye on the tank. I had a phone around and  the best date I could get was Wednesday next week (9 days). Today, cold shower!! Kids moaning, wife on my case. Thank you Badger, home from work and it’s warm…and calm.
Eric, Colchester
I called Badger Fuels for emergency oil today following a theft from our tank overnight – they were not only incredibly knowledgeable  helpful and friendly, but best of all they arrived at my house within 4 hours to deliver oil to keep us going. When I arrived home at 7.30pm at night following the delivery and realised my boiler needing restarting to function, they came out again at 8.30pm and left me and the kids safe and warm, to make tomorrow morning far easier. Thank you SO SO much, I can’t recommend your services enough.
Sarah, Ipswich
Although the fuel is expensive, they should really split the charge in two – a service charge and a fuel charge. But if they did they would charge loads more VAT. We paid for boiler restart and the boiler was most unhelpful- Badger refused to leave until it was working. Great service!
Mr H, Suffolk
Thanks to all at Badger Fuels for an absolutely fantastic response and service last night. The response helped us keep running and ensured our customers received products on time. Well done and a big thank you from Bernadette and all in our purchasing team

Bernard Matthews – Norwich
Brilliant service came out same day, within 2 hours to be precise.

Have been let down by another company for 5 days. Time to get toasty.

Thanks Badger Fuels

Mr B – Ipswich
Great service from Badger Fuels – I got back from hols to find we’d run out of oil.

Gave them a call and within 2 hours I had enough oil to get us going.

Friendly, efficient service – I’d highly recommend!

Steve, Suffolk

I called our normal supplier on Friday 21st December from my Sons house in Sussex for 2000 litres of heating oil which I required urgently ,to be told that delivery would not be until the first week of January! I returned to my house in Suffolk Sunday evening to find the gauge was showing that I was almost out of oil. At 6.30 pm ( Sunday evening!)
I phoned Badger oil ( who had come to my rescue two years before) and explained my plight and though they were very busy promised to try and help me.
At 2.30 pm the following afternoon they arrived and duly put in a substantial amount of oil in my tank and saved me having a cold miserable Christmas.
Plus my boiler had gone out and the young gentleman took off the front of the boiler, drained the air out of the system and within 5 minutes had the boiler working again .
Badger fuels is an exceptional company and I have never met such a friendly positive staff who are quite uniquely qualified in such an important industry where nothing, it seems, is too much trouble.Thank you Badger Fuels.

Richard Warden, Mendlesham

Having been let down by 3 suppliers in 3 weeks saying that is was too diffcult to reach us, Badger fuels arrived without any issues. Awesome service and i will be back, thanks.

Mr B, Gt Bealings

If you have enjoyed our services and you wish to add a testimonial please send it to sales@badgerfuels.com

Our Typical Delivery

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Why Choose Us?

We are at the end of the phone and do try to answer all calls, but please bear in mind we are a small family-run business and if we are unable to answer your call, please do leave a message with your telephone number, name, village & postcode and we WILL reply as soon as we can.

Please contact us on our Emergency Line ONLY 0758 269 1111 – 24/7 – 365

We are the true emergency heating oil supplier in East Anglia for Kerosene. Badger Fuels prides itself in reaching its’ customers within 24-hours.
  • Please remember you are paying for an Emergency Service not just heating oil, this is a premium priced service
  • We offer 200 litres as standard – more MAY be available on special request
  • We CAN deliver to anywhere in East Anglia, normally within 24 hours.
When customers have run out, an oil delivery may not be enough, the system may need to be visually checked, bled and a restart required.

A Boiler Restart is NOT a boiler breakdown, repair, or service. A Boiler Restart refers to the bleeding of the oil line only, including up to three attempts and 15 minutes in the price, and does NOT include any servicing or repair in a breakdown situation.

Being an emergency delivery specialist, Badger Fuels is one of the few, who are qualified, and insured to restart the boiler. There is an additional cost for a boiler restart, please remember to ask when booking your emergency delivery.

Now at last you can have a delivery & boiler restart at the same time and BE WARM within hours of your call!

With over 30 years’ experience in keeping homes warm in Suffolk, Badger Fuels truly offers the customer a unique service and we will have a solution to your heating oil needs.

We offer two main services;

Emergency, for homes that have been caught out and need heating oil quickly.
Please contact us on our Emergency Line ONLY 0758 269 1111 – 24/7 – 365

Bespoke (5-day Service) for homes with difficult access, possibly been refused a delivery by their normal supplier and for people that just want a more personal, reliable service. We look after several elderly customers, along with busy professional people, who need that little bit more from their oil supplier.
Please contact us on our Bespoke & Enquiry Line: 01473 558854

We deliver directly into your tank, NO THIRD PARTIES, NO BARRELS, NO WHITE VANS.

Badger Fuels prides itself in providing a professional, experienced service to the customer in their time of need!

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