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Please consider before calling
Please consider before calling

Call 01473 558854 (our Bespoke & Other Services Line only) and let us give you a solution to your red diesel requirements.

Bespoke Service from 100 litres to 600 litres for those looking for a tailored red diesel delivery.

The Bespoke Service is for the discerning customer looking for:

  • A high level of service
  • Reliability, discretion & competence
  • A smaller delivery vehicle (the size of an estate car). Our micro-tankers are purposely designed to fit and deliver effortlessly and quietly around the East Anglia Countryside to homes & businesses with difficult access, or whom have been refused a delivery by the mainstream companies or who just want a smaller delivery less than 600 litres.


Please note: our Bespoke Service does NOT compete on price with the mainstream companies.

Call Now for Emergency Heating Oil
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Heating Oil Delivery Badger Fuels
Heating Oil Delivery Badger Fuels

What Our Clients Say

Great outfit - reliable and thoroughly professional: recommend highly!
Paul, Ipswich
Having been let down by 3 suppliers in 3 weeks saying that it was too difficult to reach us, Badger fuels arrived without any issues. Awesome service and I will be back, thanks.
Mr B - Gt Bealings
Amazing service - efficient, quick, and problem-solving! Would highly recommend.
Jane - Norwich

If you have enjoyed our services and you wish to add a testimonial please send it to sales@badgerfuels.com

Our Typical Delivery

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Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years’ experience in keeping homes warm in Suffolk, Badger Fuels truly offers the customer a unique service and we will have a solution to your heating oil needs.

We offer two main services;

Emergency, for homes that have been caught out and need heating oil quickly.
Please contact us on our Emergency Line ONLY 0758 269 1111 – 24/7 – 365

Bespoke (5-day Service) for homes with difficult access, possibly been refused a delivery by their normal supplier and for people that just want a more personal, reliable service. We look after several elderly customers, along with busy professional people, who need that little bit more from their oil supplier.
Please contact us on our Bespoke & Enquiry Line: 01473 558854

We deliver directly into your tank, NO THIRD PARTIES, NO BARRELS, NO WHITE VANS.

Badger Fuels prides itself in providing a professional, experienced service to the customer in their time of need!

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Call the Badger now
01473 558854

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