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What Our Clients Say

I called Badger Fuels for emergency oil today following a theft from our tank overnight – they were not only incredibly knowledgeable  helpful and friendly, but best of all they arrived at my house within 4 hours to deliver oil to keep us going. When I arrived home at 7.30pm at night following the delivery and realised my boiler needing restarting to function, they came out again at 8.30pm and left me and the kids safe and warm, to make tomorrow morning far easier. Thank you SO SO much, I can’t recommend your services enough.
Sarah, Ipswich
Suddenly it turned cold, I needed some oil desperately and as usual I’d not keep an eye on the tank. I had a phone around and  the best date I could get was Wednesday next week (9 days). Today, cold shower!! Kids moaning, wife on my case. Thank you Badger, home from work and it’s warm…and calm.
Eric, Colchester
Usual problem tanker’s come and gone with the neighbour’s gatepost. If only I had found badger sooner their mini tanker is just the job for my impossible drive. 
Mandy, Sudbury.

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